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Xamarin Android SDK Pointzi Setup Instructions

This setup assumes you have already setup your App Key on the Dashboard

Minimum Android version supported for Pointzi is KitKat

Installation Steps

Pointzi requires Glide 3.8.0 from nuget:

Pointzi requires StreetHawk Analytics

Lastly get Pointzi from

Configure Pointzi

Add the following code in your application's splash screen

/*other code …*/
import com.streethawk.library.pointzi.Pointzi;
/*other code …*/
Pointzi.INSTANCE.init(this,  <My App Key>);
Or in your activity onCreate()
/*other code …*/
import com.streethawk.library.pointzi.Pointzi;
/*other code …*/
Pointzi.INSTANCE.init(getApplication(),  <My App Key>);

Loading Local Images in the Pointzi Dashboard

To load app drawable images, simply type in the name of the image without the extension in the Pointzi Dashboard.

For example: myCar.png, please just type myCar