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Wordpress Integration


This setup assumes you have already setup your App Key on the Dashboard

Integration Steps

STEP 1. If you don't have already, get a Custom Javascript plugin for your Wordpress installation

Plugin Search

STEP 2. Referring to the WebSDK Integration copy paste the code and replace the app_key for your App.

STEP 3. To identify users by name you may want to alter the script to get the Wordpress "username" and set that as the Pointzi sh_cuid.

Setting sh_cuid

Your Javascript should not look like the snippet above. Here is the snippet to cut-paste:

Pointzi.ready(function() {
    Pointzi.register(APP_KEY, SH_CUID).then(function(){
      if (jQuery(".username").text()) {

STEP 4. Login to Wordpress on another browser tab and reload the page.

STEP 5. Go to and sorting by "Last Seen" you should see your name in the identifier column.