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Pointzi (AndroidX) Setup

You can find an example of integration here


  1. Your App must be targeted for at least Lollipop (21) and above;
  2. Your app’s compileSdkVersion must be set to 28 or higher
  3. Pointzi v2 uses AndroidX, so your app must use AndroidX as well (Migration instructions).

    This version of Pointzi is recommended for all apps using AndroidX that don't specifically need Android v19-v21, if you need to support versions 19-21 please go to Pointz Legacy.

  4. Pointzi uses Java 1.8 features, please make sure your app uses it as well:
    android {
        compileOptions {
            sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
            targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        kotlinOptions {
            jvmTarget = "1.8"
  5. Pointzi UI is based on Google's Material Components library. Please ensure your app's theme inherits from Theme.MaterialComponents or its subthemes. (If you are having issues with this please check instructions here, specially step 4)

Step 1 - Adding Pointzi to your gradle files

These are the two gradle files we need you to make changes

Step 2 - Project level build.gradle

Please add the Pointzi repository to your build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ""

Step 3 - Module (app) level build.gradle

This will link the Pointzi SDK with your app.

You need to add this either to the root of your app's build.gradle or under the android {} task

dependencies {
    implementation (group: "com.pointzi", name: "pointzi", version: "2.+")

Integrating Pointzi to your app

On your custom Application class or, if you don't have one, on your Main Activity class, add the following statements

import com.pointzi.Pointzi;

// Alternative 1 -> inside Application.onCreate()
Pointzi.init(this,  "<app-key>");

// Alternative 2 -> inside Activity.onCreate()
Pointzi.init(getApplication(),  "<app-key>");
import com.pointzi.Pointzi

// Alternative 1 -> inside Application.onCreate()
Pointzi.init(this,  "<app-key>")

// Alternative 2 -> inside Activity.onCreate()
Pointzi.init(application,  "<app-key>")

Identifying your users

At this point Pointzi is fully integrated on you app, but to make it easier to identify your users and use the full capabilities of the Pointzi SDK you can use the following method at any part of your code after performing the integration.